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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Will be collecting $375 dividend from Singpost

Since Singpost has XD this week, I will be collecting $375 of dividend. My total gain/loss has reached $51920.92.


tong said...

why are you still hold on to injured horses?( SMRT and SIA). gone are the days of cheap elect and oil prices.

Aarav Sharma said...

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KH Tang said...

Good day, Freedom Achiever

I think that you probably do not have time to update it frequently enough. Or, I would recommend Cut Loss.

Bless you
KH Tang

tong said...

may be waiting for further dividend cut announcements before cut?

Anonymous said...

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Koleen Ng

Web Editor said...

After Feb 2013, no further updates? Hope you can continue.

Greatsage said...

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Wild dreams

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