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Friday, March 16, 2012

My stock gains/losses from Oct 09 to 16 Mar 12

This week I have bought 5 lots of SMRT @ $1.74. My investment gain has increased from $37455.92 to $39255.92 as compared to last week.


Lightning said...

hello, chanced upon this blog, and read through some of your articles, and i find them really informative and interesting.

just want to ask do you mind helping me with some questions?

how do i go about if i want to start investing?

i've done some research, but all the answers are not really clear.

do i have to go down to a bank or investment company to set up an account, or can i just set up everything at home?

always interested to get some shares, but i have no idea where do i start from. ;x


Freedom Achiever said...

Hi lightning,
Thank for visiting my blog. You need
1. CDP account to store your shares
2. Investment account to buy shares
3. Eps service from your bank to transfer money to your investment account.

You can go to any philips poems branches to do all three thing.
Freedom Achiever

BrendonA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BrendonA said...

@Freedom Achiever

Hi Freedom Achiever,

I happen to chance upon your blog via google. And also, like lightning, I want to know more about how/where to start learning to invest.

Honestly, I have little knowledge of financial stuff and was wondering where should I start? Are there any good books/websites for me to start with? I've recently read rich dad, poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki and to me, the book only gave me general financial advice.

Maybe to answer my questions a little easier, how about sharing how you started investing yourself? At what age, what are your first few investments, books read that actually gave you the knowledge you need to finally put your money in the market etc.

In summary, I am very keen into learning more about investing and gaining financial freedom but I need something for me to kick start with, so maybe you could give some advice to a 19 year old me?

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon. Btw, I must say that your blogs is addicting. I find that your articles are really down-to-earth which is really good.



Maybe you might not see this, but nevertheless, I'll advice you to maybe start to paper trade instead of opening a trading account immediately since you're still unsure about what and how to invest.

Lightning said...

hello, yes im still here.

@Freedom Achiever
thank you so much for your help, now i do know better.

haha dont worry, im not in a hurry to start throwing my money away. right now im reading books by adam khoo and warren buffett, and maybe going abit more indepth and exploring more ideas before really committing to invest.

but yes, i do agree, Freedom Achiever, maybe you could share with us readers how you started investing? that would be really interesting, and could give us young readers more in sight.

Freedom Achiever said...

Hi BrendonA and Lightning,

I started by reading financial books and listening from those who have succeeded.

Things that I find them useful are posted in my blog.

To plan for financial success, you must know following three steps:
1)How to earn money from working.
2)How to save money.
3)How to grow money from money.

One should NOT skip the first two steps and proceed to the third immediately.

My advice for young reader is to try find a good job that pay well first so that you will have more to save for investment.

I have created my own cash flow framework to track on the above three steps:

Basically my passive incomes come from rental and share dividends.

Freedom Achiever

BrendonA said...

Hi Freedom Achiever,

thank you for your reply. Thanks for the advices you've given me and I'll keep it in my mind.

Don't stop blogging ya? Good luck to you on your financial goals!

By the way, to anyone reading this comment? Do you know a forum for local investors where we can discuss our thoughts etc? A forum like - and such?